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In our last Newsletter we told you about our second injection molding project.  In this issue, we would like to tell you more about this revolutionary soil testing device straight from the Award Winning Scientist himself, Dr. Kaustubh Bhalerao of Soil Diagnostics regarding his FertiSaver-N Beta Program:


The FertiSaver-N Beta Program is now underway at two laboratories in East Central Illinois. GMS Laboratories in Cropsey, IL and CropSmith Inc. in Farmer City, IL are the first providers of the FertiSaver-N test. At Soil Diagnostics, we thank them for their support and patience as we work through the initial roll out of the hardware and the software. Both companies have pioneering nitrogen management programs that boost grower profitability through precision nitrogen placement.

Both companies understand the role of biology in the nitrogen cycle and work with nature to cut input costs where possible, and boost yields where they can. Soil Diagnostics is working closely with GMS Labs and Cropsmith to ensure that the FertiSaver-N system works well with their internal workflow.

The FertiSaver-N system is complex, consisting of specially designed reaction containers, a simplified and re-engineered chemistry, test hardware that simplifies record keeping, and the Dashboard that manages everything over a browser. During the development of the system, we worked with soil chemists and soil microbiologists, CAD and prototyping experts, process engineers who helped design the current reaction jars, and of course our customers who helped mold the look and feel of the software program.



A special thank you to ShapeMaster, Inc. in Ogden, IL who was instrumental in making our custom jars a reality. Jim Walthall at ShapeMaster is a creative process and design engineer who oversaw the production of the reaction containers, and worked with us to make sure that the jars complied with our very stringent performance and ergonomics specifications. The picture above is from the production line at ShapeMaster. Photo credit goes to Brian Holden at ShapeMaster.



Last, but not the least, Soil Diagnostics, Inc. received a critical and welcome impetus from Dr. Edwin Moore. The FertiSaver-N product won the inaugural Edwin Moore Family Agriculture Innovation Prize of 2017 which helped finance the manufacturing process.

The FertiSaver-N is just the beginning. Precision nitrogen management is now a feasible reality. FertiSaver-N aligns grower profitability with environmental sustainability.

We want to thank Dr. Bhalerao for the opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary soil testing system.
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