Silicone Wafer Dipper

This Teflon dipper device is used to aid in the coating process for silicon disks (wafers).

Part NoProduct NameDimensions(Wafer Holder)Handle Length
SM1.25WD1Square 15 Slot 5mm Wafer Dipper1.25 in X 1.25 in X 0.50 in 5.25 inch
SM2.5WD1Square 10 Slot 5mm to 50mm Wafer Dipper1.75 in X 2.5 in X 0.75in5.38 inch
SM2.5WD2Square 20 Slot Wafer Dipper2 in X 2.5 in X 0.50 in5.31 inch
SM2WD1Silicon Wafer Dipper 2 inch2.64 in X 2.03 in X 0.47 in 5.28 inch
SM2WD2Slotted Wafer Dipper1.97 in diameter X 0.50 in deep4.1875 inch
SM2WD3No Holes or Opening Wafer Dipper2.25 in X 2.76 in X .050 in5.31 inch
SM3WD1Silicon Wafer Dipper 3 inch3.64 in X 3.03 in X 0.47 in5.28 inch
SM3WD2Over-sized 3 inch Wafer Dipper3.405 in X 3.795 in X 0.50 in5.31 inch
SM3WD3Square 3x3 Wafer Dipper (two handles)4.50 in X 3.25 in X 0.50 in 5.50 inch
SM4WD1Silicon Wafer Dipper 4 inch4.58 in X 3.97 in X 0.47 in5.28 inch
SM4WD24 inch Wafer Dipper w/hold down screws4.5 in X 3.97 in X 0.34 in5.28 inch
SM4WD3106 mm Wafer Dipper4.25 in X 4.86 in X 0.4688 in5.28 inch
SM4.6WD1Horizontal 5 Slot Wafer Dipper4.5836 in X 2.3435 in X 1.875 in6.8125 inch
SM4.6WD2Horizontal 6 Slot Wafer Dipper4.58 in X 2.34 in X 2.13 in7.06 inch
SM6WD16 inch 2 Handle Wafer Dipper7.38 in diameter X 0.34 in 5.28 inch
SM6WD26 inch 2 Handle Wafer Dipper w/Hold Down Screws7.38 in X 6.63 in X 0.34 in 5.28 inch
SM6WD36 inch Wafer Dipper w/HD Handle7.38 in X 6.03 in X 0.34 in5.63 inch
SM8WD18 inch 2 Handle Wafer Dipper9.38 in diameter X 0.34 in deep5.28 inch
SM8WD28 inch Wafer Dipper w/1 inch Hole in center9.38 in diameter X 0.34 in deep5.28 inch