Silicone Wafer Dipper

Our Teflon dipper devices are used to aid in the coating process for silicon disks (wafers).

Part NoProduct NameDimensions(Wafer Holder)Handle Length
SM1.25WD1Square 15 Slot Dipper1.25 in X 1.25 in X 0.50 in 5.25 inch
SM2.5WD1Square 10 Slot 5mm to 50mm Wafer Dipper1.75 in X 2.5 in X 0.75in5.38 inch
SM2.5WD2Square 20 Slot Wafer Dipper2 in X 2.5 in X 0.50 in5.31 inch
SM2WD1Silicon Wafer Dipper 2 inch2.64 in X 2.03 in X 0.47 in 5.28 inch
SM2WD2Slotted Wafer Dipper1.97 in diameter X 0.50 in deep4.1875 inch
SM2WD3Wafer Dipper with No Holes or Opening2.25 in X 2.76 in X .050 in5.31 inch
SM3WD1Silicon Wafer Dipper 3 inch3.64 in X 3.03 in X 0.47 in5.28 inch
SM3WD2Over-sized 3 inch Wafer Dipper3.405 in X 3.795 in X 0.50 in5.31 inch
SM3WD3Square 3x3 Wafer Dipper (two handles)4.50 in X 3.25 in X 0.50 in 5.50 inch
SM4WD1Silicon Wafer Dipper 4 inch4.58 in X 3.97 in X 0.47 in5.28 inch
SM4WD24 inch Wafer Dipper w/hold down screws4.5 in X 3.97 in X 0.34 in5.28 inch
SM4WD3106 mm Wafer Dipper4.25 in X 4.86 in X 0.4688 in5.28 inch
SM4.6WD1Horizontal 5 Slot Wafer Dipper4.5836 in X 2.3435 in X 1.875 in6.8125 inch
SM4.6WD2Horizontal 6 Slot Wafer Dipper4.58 in X 2.34 in X 2.13 in7.06 inch
SM6WD16 inch 2 Handle Wafer Dipper7.38 in diameter X 0.34 in 5.28 inch
SM6WD26 inch 2 Handle Wafer Dipper w/Hold Down Screws7.38 in X 6.63 in X 0.34 in 5.28 inch
SM6WD36 inch Wafer Dipper w/HD Handle7.38 in X 6.03 in X 0.34 in5.63 inch
SM8WD18 inch 2 Handle Wafer Dipper9.38 in diameter X 0.34 in deep5.28 inch
SM8WD28 inch Wafer Dipper w/1 inch Hole in center9.38 in diameter X 0.34 in deep5.28 inch