At ShapeMaster we have always attempted to recruit high school students who were 18 years of age

or older and in a work co-op type of organized program for our production work.  This gives the recruit

a knowledge of manufacturing and introduces them to hand tools, processes, and work that allows

personal growth in skill-sets not normally enjoyed or learned in today’s society.


One such recent recruit began his work right out of high school and continued as he entered into his college first year in

engineering he requested to continue work in our shops.

For a unique design project, I asked him to create from scratch a working usable cover to keep our eyewash station from receiving

dust and dirt contamination.

He began with a basic idea of what was needed and we gave him full use of the shop.


CAD modeling

Programming in CAM software to route the polycarbonate

Choosing materials



Figuring the best methods for assembly



He’s done a very good job and it allowed his mind to apply some basic engineering principles to a real-world need.

Please click the link to read about our intern’s engineering journey!

SM eyewash station