In the 1960’s when I was but a wee lad Popular Mechanics along with other magazines held our attention and we didn’t have pads and cells and bars to worry about. Some of us perhaps needed to be in padded cells with bars but we didn’t have socializing on a second by second basis to deal with.
We had time to think and to dream.

If there is a need…Make It!

Ground Control To Major Tom.

Today it seems people waste their minds and lives on things that are worthless. It’s sad really.

I remember the paperback magazines and the articles that caused us to think about making things. What things? It didn’t matter, any-thing.

I was thinking recently that my mind was one of my greatest tools back then. I first dreamed up the design and then I would attempt to make it. As my tools became more and more sophisticated I’ve found I can make anything nearly a man can make in this life.

It was at this moment I realized that I was Maker when Maker wasn’t cool….Yet

Where did this term “Maker” come from?

We used to hear this in old western movies “you’ll meet your Maker”

Isn’t this overdoing it?

But lately I think it’s part of our “social” lingo. It is a way to say I make things for myself and ain’t I cool. Honey, folks were making things long before you got the idea or had a clue. (Ohhh Snap!)

Remember, it was in the 1960’s that WE put a man on the moon.

Remember, we fought world wars in two theaters and built our infrastructure in America the likes of which we’ve not seen since and did it back during a Great Depression.

To be a “Creative” or a “Maker” may mean something slightly different today than it did back then. As I recall folks had a trade and they were put through a strenuous apprenticeship and many times those training periods were years much longer and more intense than the average four year degree from a major university in this country.

One of my good friends who is a top drawer tool and die maker machinist told me his father was a machinist in the day when they wore a tie and thought highly of their trade. Now, due to computers and these new-fangled computer aided design software programs (CAD for you letter conscience folks) everyone thinks of themselves as a potential “machinist” because they can type.

I do think that gone are the days of true blue professionals who were craftsmen and artists in their trades. It’s sad really. Many of these fine people are dead or at least retired. But, we’ve lost them from our midst and didn’t learn from them the fine arts before they left us.

I do embrace the new trends and have purchased a number of 3D printers. Why? Because I can’t stand to see a seven year old knowing more about plastic part creation than we do. But, it do thrill to see and meet these new “makers” and “creatives” who are thinking outside any box we could have ever put around them.

I had 10 Lego bricks when I was a kid. I could build a castle with those 10 bricks.

Let’s rejoice that creativity is NOT DEAD! Thank God! Now, let’s think about what a Maker should be and how to be creative using the new resources we have.

ShapeMaster is a great resource. Our company has worked hard to reinvest in technology, software, computers, servers, communications, methods and yes even in trends. Who doesn’t like to be trendy at least a bit anyway? Our new machinery is keeping us ahead of the rest in many cases and allows us to offer very affordable means to design, reverse engineer, invent, and create some of the most unusual and productive items on the planet.

Really? Well, at least we think so.

But we won’t know how creative you can be unless you hire us to work for you.


Dr.Comfort, this device will revolutionize the colonoscopy

I had 10 Lego bricks when I was a kid. I could build a castle with those 10 bricks.

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What can ShapeMaster MAKE for you?

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