ShapeMaster scores a hole-in-one with a custom made table!

Recently we were asked to design a table for a company who is in the business of greens management for golf courses and they wanted a table that reflected their business to a tee. Do you get it?

They were aware of our involvement in a charity event a few years ago where we made 3 foot in diameter golf balls.



The client proceeded to describe what he wanted, but as we all know, a picture speaks a thousand words.


Just to let you know, we did not have any CAD drawings, nor specific measurements. We just had this and the client asked if we could make this.

And we said:


Of course we can we are ShapeMaster!


One of our lead engineers, Andrew, took this image and came up with this design drawing.

Just to let you know what goes into planning something like this, Andrew will provide, in his words, the details:


We used an existing molded golf ball half and tee from a past project.


We started by cutting three plywood discs on our Thermwood router. Two discs 24” diameter and one 36” diameter disc all made of ¾” birch plywood.
Because the tees originally made were much shorter than what we needed for this project, so we used PVC pipe to extend the tee to a 20” length. We then bonded it all together with PVC cement and used body filler around the outside to blend the seam.
Next we screwed 1 ½” galvanized floor flanges to the bottom and top plywood circles. A length of galvanized pipe supported the table top and provided a cord run so lights could be added.
The next step was to dry fit everything together to make sure the height was correct and the table was level.

Once we were satisfied with the fitment we took apart and sanded, primed, and painted the tee and the base
Once the paint was dry. We reassembled the pipe to the base and placed the tee over the pipe and made sure it was square and level. We then poured 3 lbs. density expanding urethane foam into the tee to lock it in position and provide rigidity.
With the tee and base finished, we placed the golf ball half over the pipe and screwed the plywood top with floor flange attached onto the pipe. Then we secured the golf ball perimeter to the plywood.

When all was said and done…Voila!

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