When you hear the term “Conversion Van”, it probably generates some preconceived imagery. When I think of one, I can picture a mid-1970’s Chevy Van with floor to ceiling shag carpet, blasting the latest Meatloaf release on 8-track stereo, and a spaced out airbrushed mural on the side. Kind of like this one:
Recently, ShapeMaster was offered a challenge to  convert a van. (You know when ShapeMaster is offered a challenge, we accept it!).
This is a special van to accommodate animals of the barnyard variety that need transportation to and from their home for various appointments.
moo moo I love youYou cannot just put your cow, sheep, or pig in the backseat of your car. Ok maybe you can…in Russia…See picture to the right.
(In Russia, you and cow share car!)But we are the United States of America, and we have higher standards! (and a ton of regulations.)

Our “van” is actually a decommissioned U-Haul. It’s large, but for safety and sanity, people and animals need their space.

Don’t think for one minute the worker in the above picture is just going to clean the van out and call it done. We had a team of our staff transforming this van in to a very special vehicle.

ShapeMaster needed to accomplish the following criteria in this challenge.

  1. Animals must confined in a safe and humane way to prevent injury while in transport.
  2. Provide a way to load animals into the van.
  3. Create an easy way for the handlers to lift the animals if needed.
  4. Regulate the temperature for summer conditions.
  5. Make the interior of the van easy to clean and make it wash down capable.
  6. Install auxilliary lighting for the handlers.
  7. Make the van easy to convert back to a standard box van.
This is a big van, but this is a big laundry list. Can ShapeMaster accomplish this challenge? The answer is “Yes”, but how do we do it?? That is the topic of an upcoming newsletter!
Until then, challenge us with your next  project. Big or small, we do it all!
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