About Us

Who We Are

In January 1990, ShapeMaster was formed because we saw a need to provide buyers, engineers, inventors, and designers with the ability to order small or large quantities of solutions in plastics and other materials for the manufacturing of their products; regardless of their size, they receive the same high level quality of service.

Our centrally located Ogden, Illinois facility has since expanded three times to accommodate the latest technology, including new thermoformers, allowing us to enhance our production abilities to better serve our customers. From vacuum forming, drape forming, and pressure forming to CNC machining and custom fabrication, we take pride in our ability to take your project from conceptual design to production including 2D or 3D drawings, materials research,custom tooling, prototyping, replication of existing parts, and custom package design – all within our facility to maximize your return on investment.

Our People

Our Midwestern-based work force is comprised of people who maintain the production expertise, technical knowledge, competence, training, and creativity needed to effectively and efficiently serve our customers’ needs. We combine a passion to innovate with a passion to provide superior customer service, enabling us to deliver positive results which lead not only to the success of our customers but also to the success of our company.

The Way We Do Business

Our standard of excellence is based on the philosophy "Swear to your own hurt, and change not." This refers to keeping our word when we commit to something, including pricing, quality standards, precision, delivery times, etc. Our team does whatever it takes to get the job done to keep our promise and exceed customer expectations, regardless of the effort, even if at our own expense. We know that word inevitably gets around with regard to how you treat customers. Words like flexibility, honesty, integrity, and dependability are associated with ShapeMaster’s customer relations and we work hard to continue this tradition. We’ve built our business and our reputation by exploring and understanding customers’ needs, discovering ways to meet those needs, and delivering exactly what our customers need when they need it.

Contact Us

If you would like to schedule a visit to tour of facility, please contact us or call us at 800.779.6925.


  • When our client requested an intricate custom plastic tray, we turned to ShapeMaster and ShapeMaster turned our design into a reality! They communicated with us on every step of the project; we received the trays on time; and they were a big hit with our client. It was a win-win situation from design through production, and we’ll definitely rely on ShapeMaster for future orders.  

    James Reisigl, Reisigl Associates at www.reisigl.com
  • Hi ShapeMaster Crew! It’s right! I received the risers last Thursday but until yesterday I couldn't install them, but now it’s done! So sorry not to respond to you quickly. Well…in a few words it’s simply awesome. I tried the motorcycle this morning and I couldn't describe how much better it is now with the spacers. It gives you the only correct position to enjoy the driving of this motorcycle and it would be wonderful if every Suzuki M800 in the world could have a pair of these spacers. I only can say THANK YOU for your work and everything. You've spared me a lot of back pain and given me a lot of miles of enjoyment with my motorcycle. It maybe sounds corny but it’s only the truth. Thank you, thank you very much. P.S. be sure that I will talk with everyone of my biker friends about Shapemaster and the really professional people who work here.

  • I`d like to thank you and your team at ShapeMaster for the PETG hemispheres you made for us. Our requirements were uncompromising-6.9 inches in diameter and perfectly spherical. ShapeMaster met those requirements with very high quality and in good time. We were impressed.

    William M. Hartmann, Professor of Physics Michigan State University
  • "As a new and inexperienced inventor, I was completely clueless as to how to get started with my idea. You and your staff have been extremely helpful with the development and designing of my product, and I am more than thankful for that."  

    Mary Minneci, President
  • "I would like to take a moment and convey how impressed I am with ShapeMaster`s ability to meet the needs of my various projects. Supplied with nothing more than a rough sketch of what I was looking for, you and your team came up with exactly what I needed (even though I really didn`t know exactly what I needed). Given ShapeMaster`s ability to offer professional service on a personal (customizable) level, I can only see great things for the future of your company." -Kevin Bassilmington, Engineering Technician

    Kevin Bassilmington, Engineering Technician
  • Simply stated, because of Shape Master, we now have a beautiful building which is as close to its original restoration as we could determine. You made five different molds and then created replacement parts from these which when we put them up became absolutely impossible to see as different from the originals. The ceiling was so severely damaged that we were concerned that it could never be repaired. The actual labor to repair the damage once we received the new panels from you was about 32 hours. This was well worth the cost and the result speaks for itself. There is simply no other way that we could find to accomplish this without you and the talent at your company. The building prior to this project had a suspended ceiling just under 8 feet high and the upper window sections could not be seen from the inside an don the outside they were simply covered in plywood and painted. You have no idea how much your company helped us. I’m at class now doing insurance updates but what you did for us is absolutely unbelievable. Somebody has to stop in Boscobel and see the results some day.  

    TRICOR Insurance
  • I have already installed them and love the position of the bars. The instructions were great. This was one of the best investments I`ve made for my bike!  

  • Thank you for your help with our dispenser shroud project. Our inquiry was dealt with very effectively through the entire process. The product was delivered on time and matches exactly to what we have had manufactured in the past, for a fraction of the price! Thank you to everyone at ShapeMaster for a job well done!  

    Tom White





If you would like to schedule a visit to tour our facility, please contact us or call us at 800.779.6925