Custom Plastic Fabrication

ShapeMaster takes pride in designing custom plastic fabrication products. Here we have highlighted several custom products to demonstrate our diversity in the area of plastic fabrication. We use our wealth of experience to solve problems and to research materials and services which results in the fabrication of some of the finest custom formed products in the industry.

Our custom fabrication expertise ranges from wood to stainless steel and every material in between.

Design and prototype projects are brought to reality using the most advanced computer aided design software, such as SolidWorks and Mastercam, along with computer aided machining software that allows for the creation of complex single parts or assemblies. In conjunction with the design, we develop an implementation plan to produce the final assembly in the form desired by the customer.

The following materials are included but not limited to our in house capabilities:

– Plastic

– Rubber

– Cast Resins

– Fiberglass

– Glass

– Metal

– Vacuum forming

– Drape forming

– CNC machining

– Thermo line bending of sheet goods

The following services are also offered for metal fabricated products:
– Steel welding

– Aluminum welding

Our abilities for custom fabrication range from specialty tanks, liners, and vent hoods to plastic trays for containment, and are produced using a wide range of materials. Please visit our Capabilities Page to learn more about our custom fabrication services.