Reverse Engineering

Do you have a part that requires CAD* data? Do you want to modify a part and do not have any drawings? Are you restoring an old machine, vehicle, building and need a part? Have you tried scanning before and was unsatisfied with the results?

If you answered yes to any to any of these questions, let ShapeMaster Reverse Engineering help you find a solution.

ShapeMaster’s non-contact laser scanner can scan a part as small as a coin to as large as a complete car.

ShapeMaster Reverse Engineering can take your scanned data and convert that data into a full working parametric solid model with history.

Solid model history is a very important component of part design. Looking at a drawing only tells you a part of the story, but when you can show how and when each line, cut, and hole was entered into the design you get the full story. This information is very important when it comes to how your part works together with other parts, if you have several revisions of the same part, or if the part has a functional problem you can take the solid design apart line by line.

Our reverse engineering can then take that solid model and give you a finished part in our many different manufacturing processes or we can 3D print your model for testing or part compliance.

Why ShapeMaster Reverse Engineering?

Because we are manufacturers in many processes. From 3D printing to 5-Axis machining, vacuum forming, or injection molding, we do complete part fabrication. We know what you need and not all the extras that you don’t need.

Our scanner is portable so we can come to you.

Wing Rib Scan Data

Had scanning done but were unable to use the data in your CAD?

ShapeMaster Reverse Engineering is not just a scanning service. We can develop a full Solid Works parametric solid model that you can then modify back at your facility with your software.

Don’t have Solid Works, but have some other CAD software? We can save your converted scan into .step, .iges, .dxf, or (Parasolid) that can then be imported into your CAD system.

If you are into car/aircraft/naval restoration, house restoration, new product development, display manufacture, museum, art studio, or sculptor, you will benefit from our services.

Confidentiality. ShapeMaster and its employees take this seriously. If you require, before we engage ourselves into your project, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you to assure you piece of mind. All drawings, pictures, and forms of communication are only shared with those in our organization on a need to know basis. We will not release any information until we have written authorization from you.

*CAD—Computer Aided Design. When we design a part, we use software such as Solidworks to draw the part. Not only does it help us make sure we have all the correct dimensions, angles, and curves, but it also allows us to view the part in a 3 dimensional environment. CAD software can be much more than drawing tool. It can also store the information how the part was drawn or its history and in some cases it can simulate that part in a working environment. Once we are satisfied with part’s design, the file that contains all the part’s information then can be loaded into a 3d printer for a physical prototype. It also can be loaded into CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software such as Mastercam. This software allows us to use the drawing’s information to control milling machines and 3 or 5 axis routers to bring the part from the virtual world to the physical world.