The best ideas often start from a drawing on a napkin. ShapeMaster can take your simple sketch to reality by delivering a 2D or 3D rendering of the project you are envisioning. When it comes to reproducing parts or components, we invite you to put our reverse engineering capabilities to the test.

By utilizing various types of computer-aided design (CAD) technology, we are able to manufacture prototyping and production pieces with paramount precision. SolidWorks, software most commonly used for 3D solid modeling, enables us to view your project from a wide range of perspectives to identify any potential weak points in design. This technology is extremely beneficial when recreating existing components or refining products during the prototype testing phase prior to mass production.

Once the prototype and/or drawings are approved, we proceed to production where our fabrication capabilities are virtually endless. We are proud to be listed as a CorzanĀ® CPVC Key Industrial Fabricator stocking a broad selection of sheet material, welding rod, extruded PVC tubing, and standard PVC duct fittings. Using state of the art welding equipment, our DVS Certified welders are held to the highest standards to ensure delivery of quality products.