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ShapeMaster Specialties: Vacuum forming, Thermoforming, Injection Molding, and CNC Machining

ShapeMaster, Inc. specializes in plastic vacuum forming, injection molding, drape forming, pressure forming, CNC machining, and plastic/metal fabrication. ShapeMaster, Inc. has provided quality goods made of plastic, metal, wood, foam and various resins since 1990. We work with engineers, designers, and inventors to take their print, sketch, or idea and turn it into reality. Our engineering/design team stands ready to assist in preparing CAD files that can be used in any of our processes: vacuum/thermoforming, custom plastic fabrication, CNC machining, plastic welding, and tool/mold building and more.

Over the last 20 plus years, we have used our problem-solving skills to assist industries from agriculture to aerospace to medical to automotive in bringing their projects to fruition. Custom thermoforming, CNC machining, plastic/metal fabrication, drape forming, and other processes occur daily in our facility using plastic materials (ABS, PETG, CAB, UHMW, HDPE, etc.), metals (aluminum and stainless steel), as well as various resin, foam and wood products. Prototyping is not a problem. We average one new product every week. Production runs of vacuum/thermoformed, CNC machined, or plastic/metal fabricated parts are executed every day–from hundreds to thousands of parts. Our quality control department makes certain every effort is made to ensure all parts meet the tolerances required by our customers—achieving much greater accuracy than thought possible using vacuum/thermoforming. Not only do we produce individual parts, but we assemble multiple components into one complete product. An example of this is our potty house bank which incorporates plastic and wood and requires multiple thermoformed and fabricated plastic parts be glued together to form a finished unit. We welcome the unique and the creative!!

Please contact us with any project from a simple plastic tray to a complex water dispenser. We look forward to using our thermoforming, fabrication, CNC machining, and design/engineering talents for you.

Our People

Our Midwestern-based work force is comprised of people who maintain the production expertise, technical knowledge, competence, training, and creativity needed to effectively and efficiently serve our customers’ needs. We combine a passion to innovate with a passion to provide superior customer service, enabling us to deliver positive results which lead not only to the success of our customers but also to the success of our company.

The Way We Do Business

Our standard of excellence is based on the philosophy “Swear to your own hurt, and change not.” This refers to keeping our word when we commit to something, including pricing, quality standards, precision, delivery times, etc. Our team does whatever it takes to get the job done to keep our promise and exceed customer expectations, regardless of the effort, even if at our own expense. We know that word inevitably gets around with regard to how you treat customers. Words like flexibility, honesty, integrity, and dependability are associated with ShapeMaster’s customer relations and we work hard to continue this tradition. We’ve built our business and our reputation by exploring and understanding customers’ needs, discovering ways to meet those needs, and delivering exactly what our customers need when they need it.

“I would like to take a moment and convey how impressed I am with ShapeMaster`s ability to meet the needs of my various projects. Supplied with nothing more than a rough sketch of what I was looking for, you and your team came up with exactly what I needed (even though I really didn`t know exactly what I needed). Given ShapeMaster`s ability to offer professional service on a personal (customizable) level, I can only see great things for the future of your company.”

Kevin Bassilmington, Engineering Technician, Accellent Cardiology Wilmington, Massachusetts

“We have been working with ShapeMaster for several years and more recently have shifted many of our prototype orders to more repetitive production volumes. Ken has always been very helpful in the development of tooling, and making suggestions for efficient design of our vacuum-form components. He is very confident of his processes and capabilities, and his commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none.

We will continue to utilize ShapeMaster and their products where feasible as we share common objectives in minimizing costs and maintaining the highest quality standards achievable.”

David J. Brown Purchasing Manager, Charles Industries Rolling Meadows, Illinois

“I couldn`t have gotten luckier when I stumbled onto ShapeMaster while searching for someone who could bring my idea to fruition. As a pediatrician by trade, and an independent inventor, I feared that getting reliable help would be a struggle. Some prototypers and manufacturers I approached neither took me seriously, nor treated me professionally. I waited on emails, call backs, feedback, etc. That wasn`t the case with ShapeMaster. When I received my first reply from ShapeMaster`s Ken Cooley and it simply said, “We can help,” I knew that I had struck gold. Since that exchange, my experience has been ideal. The staff of each department has been prompt, courteous, and professional…which is monumentally appreciated! And in terms of production, the injection molded piece that ShapeMaster made for me, and the final product that they assembled is exactly what I imagined. Along the way I received feedback, samples, quotes, and even the final product when promised and as quoted – no surprises! ShapeMaster is a well run organization with the utmost integrity, pride in their quality work, and worthy of anyone`s trust. ”

Dr. Amr Megahed (MD, FAAP), Children and Teens Medical Center Schaumburg, Illinois

Thank you for your help with our dispenser shroud project. Our inquiry was dealt with very effectively through the entire process. The product was delivered on time and matches exactly to what we have had manufactured in the past, for a fraction of the price! Thank you to everyone at ShapeMaster for a job well done!

Tom White, Cleansers - Columbus, Ohio

Custom Tray Saves The Day!!

I am very happy with the trays. They arrived in perfect condition, freight shipping was the right way to go.
There will be more orders in the future.
Have a great rest of the week.


“As a new and inexperienced inventor, I was completely clueless as to how to get started with my idea. You and your staff have been extremely helpful with the development and designing of my product, and I am more than thankful for that.”

Mary Minneci President, Easy Pin Corp Champaign, Illinois

“Ken, we received the trays yesterday. They are working VERY well. Thank you for all your hard work on this project. Also, the way you designed the raised ridges on the bottom so plant flats sit slightly above the bottom of the tray has an extra benefit; the plant flats seem to slide quite smoothly when we rotate flats within a tray. Again, great job and thank you!”

Debra Becker Research Assistant I, Crop Traits & Discovery Department, Exelixis Plant Sciences Portland, Oregon

It’s been a pleasure working with Shape Master! In the near feature, we are working on design for another PTFE basket for chemical wafer de-mounting. When I have more details to share, I would like to work with you again.

Experts In PTFE Design

Finding Relief

Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for making the bar risers for the Boulevard M50.

I recently got a sweet deal on a nice 2009 M50 and saw on that you make risers for the bikes. I ordered a set from your Ebay store and installed them last week. Took about an hour and it went smooth. Very detailed instructions. I heated up the stock studs and they came right out and I Loc-tited the new ones in just for safety’s sake.

Being a shorter guy (5’5”) the extra height now with the risers makes for a more comfortable riding position.

Just wanted to let you know you have another satisfied customer!


I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your participation in the development and manufacturing of our”BAG-R-BOX Saddlebag Insert Trays” product. I found working with you very pleasant, informative and worthwhile. I also appreciate the professional manner by which you and your staff conduct business. The product has turned out just as I had envisioned it, when we first began discussing my idea. We’re very pleased with the outcome. The manufacturing process went smoothly and I have found not defects in material or workmanship amongst my inventory. The four-position mold that you are maintaining for me will make re-manufacturing in quantity a breeze. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Michael Tipps CEO Glaive Products LLC, Glaive Products LLC - Woodstock, Illinois

“I would like to take this time to thank ShapeMaster for being a vendor and supplier for Guardian West (Flex-n-Gate). During the past five or six years, ShapeMaster has been there for us. I would like to thank some of the employees – Ken, Pam, Darlene Wakefield, Mark Ploense, Jody, Deva, Ruth, and other faces I`ve seen, but don`t know their names. From molding polyurethane (rubber end caps) to 4-lb. density foam to other foam applications to fabrication of new products, I would recommend ShapeMaster for future needs in foam and plastics.”

Mike Cotton Maintenance Project Coordinator, Guardian West Urbana, Illinois

Happily Cruising The Grand Canyon

Our 3d printing service keeps a Grand Canyon vacation destination moving!

Say…just wanted to let you guys know that we finally got the time to install one of the parts you guys fabricated for us and it went in beautifully and works like it should.  I hope that the nylon wears well and that we get good service out of the component.  I will keep you posted.

Anyway…so far-so good and I am sure that I will be sending more work your way. I have shared this project with a lot of people and everyone is very interested in your services.

“ShapeMaster has been an outstanding supplier for iCyt for many reasons. In addition to providing great service, quality parts, and meetingiCyt has benefited greatly from our relationship with ShapeMaster, and we look forward to working together on current and future projects. In addition to meeting our deadlines, ShapeMaster has provided iCyt valuable assistance in our parts design to help lower costs and reduce lead times.”

Rob Tichnor C.P.M., iCyt Mission Technology Champaign, Illinois

“What separates a good supplier from a bad one, or even better, good from great? I don`t have any problems distinguishing the good from bad, and the bad are easily eliminated. But, often the good maintain the standard compliance to your specifications. The great watch out for your interests. They offer integrity, follow through, networking, and an overall interest in your profitability.

ShapeMaster has been my supplier and a customer for many years, and they have been ‘great’. They have provided product that exceeds specification done in a timely fashion. If something cannot be produced, a quick alternative source is recommended or called for review, and quite often, alternative materials are pursued to provide an appropriate profit margin affecting our bottom line.

ShapeMaster`s follow through and diligence as a supplier and customer persuades me to continue to recommend them to others.”

Ken Batty, Illini Plastics Champaign, Illinois

“As an instructor at the Lake Land College Center for Business & Industry, I was tasked to design a manufacturing cell for our Manufacturing Skills Training Lab. We found ShapeMaster by recommendation of another area supplier. Ken Cooley and his team at ShapeMaster were very helpful in providing me with high quality finished pieces as well as reviewing the design of the pieces to insure good fit and operation. They went out of their way to ensure I was satisfied with the results.”

Randy Strohl Technical Training Specialist, Lake Land College Mattoon, Illinois

I`d like to thank you and your team at ShapeMaster for the PETG hemispheres you made for us. Our requirements were uncompromising-6.9 inches in diameter and perfectly spherical. ShapeMaster met those requirements with very high quality and in good time.

We were impressed.

William M. Hartmann Professor of Physics Michigan State University, Michigan State University - East Lansing, Michigan

“The initial order for 2,000 trays was based off an educated guess – after using the trays I feel we may make another order in the very near future. With that being said that is not why I am really emailing you. The main reason for this is to extend my most sincere “thank you” to you, your company and anybody involved with this project for us. These trays exceed all expectations in both functionality and cosmetic quality overall. Absolutely outstanding!!! Thank you.”

Joe Marullo Finishing Department Manager, NCL Graphic Specialties, Inc. Waukesha, Wisconsin

Obsolete Part? Never! We’ll make you a new one!
A franchise owner from a large restaurant chain needed to replace drain trays for their aging soda machines. He was unable to obtain repair parts, so he called us!

“Yes we got them and they are perfect!

Thank you very much for all the work you and your team did! ”

I got the bank and it is GREAT; Super Detail; Thanks-A-Lot!!!

Jim, Polyjohn Bank Customer - Michigan

The newly designed wafer basket works great through both process lines we intended it for!

Your Content Goes Here, PTFE Design Experts

Quick change = Happy Customer

Best wishes for the holidays to everyone at Shapemaster.
Our trays this year are perfect- thank you so much for the modifications this year.

When our client requested an intricate custom plastic tray, we turned to ShapeMaster and ShapeMaster turned our design into a reality! They communicated with us on every step of the project; we received the trays on time; and they were a big hit with our client. It was a win-win situation from design through production, and we’ll definitely rely on ShapeMaster for future orders.

James Reisigl Reisigl Associates at, Reisigl Associates - Jupiter, Florida

I did receive my soap molds very promptly. It just took me a while to answer back to you. They are terrific!! I love the shape and weight. They work very well and make nicely shaped bars. Thank you for such prompt, friendly service.

Carol, Soap Tray Fan - Ohio

I got the tray and I`m very impressed with the quality, size, and price!! Plus, your customer service just can`t be beat!!!

Thanks again…..and tell Andy that I said her customer service is outstanding!!!

Debbie, Soap Tray fan - Somewhere on the globe

Simply stated, because of Shape Master, we now have a beautiful building which is as close to its original restoration as we could determine. You made five different molds and then created replacement parts from these which when we put them up became absolutely impossible to see as different from the originals. The ceiling was so severely damaged that we were concerned that it could never be repaired. The actual labor to repair the damage once we received the new panels from you was about 32 hours. This was well worth the cost and the result speaks for itself.

There is simply no other way that we could find to accomplish this without you and the talent at your company. The building prior to this project had a suspended ceiling just under 8 feet high and the upper window sections could not be seen from the inside an don the outside they were simply covered in plywood and painted.

You have no idea how much your company helped us. I’m at class now doing insurance updates but what you did for us is absolutely unbelievable.

Somebody has to stop in Boscobel and see the results some day.

Tricor Insurance - Lancaster, Wisconsin