Software Capabilities:

-Rhinoceros 3D
-Mastercam CNC software


Plastic Thermoforming:

We work with all plastic materials commonly used for plastic thermoforming, including vacuum forming, drape forming, CNC machining, CNC routing, welding, and custom plastic fabrication.

Vacuum Forming:
From very small parts up to parts as large as 60″ x 120″ With a max thickness of 0.500″.

Drape Forming:
Small to large parts are formed using our specialized and custom equipment.

Custom Fabrication:
Using molding techniques, bending, routing, drilling, and assembly, any shape or size part can be produced using custom fabrication.

Plastic, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. No size limitations. Butt welding of plastics with up to 2-1/4″ thick x 156″ long.

CNC Machining / CNC Routing:
Up to 60″ x 144″ x 8″ round in diameter. HAAS mill for plastic and aluminum up to 16″ x 40″ x 10″ H. Other CNC milling capabilities also available.

Water Jet Cutting:
60″ x 120″ table sizes

Wire Forming:
Design and prototyping services available along with production.

Laser Cutting:
48″ x 96″ table sizes

Injection Molding:
10.5 ounce shot size
-132 tons of clamping force
-Core Pull capable
-All colors
-Resins: ABS, HIPS, HDPE, PE and Polycarbonate


From simple sketches to convey a concept to elaborate engineering, we use computer aided drafting and solid modeling to create state of the art designs.Our design work may then be used to directly create plastic parts with our Rapid Prototyping in SLS, SLA, FDM and other methods of the most current plastics printing technology. Through the use of CAM (or Computer Aided Machining), we are able to mill or route parts either in flat 2D shapes or complex 3D surfacing with the most current and best software available.We use our designs for plastic and aluminum items to create tooling for our own in house vacuum forming process and casting of plastic and rubber materials.Fixtures for holding plastic parts used while trimming, drilling, bending or assembly are also created in house by our design team.

Decorating, Assembly, Packaging and Warehousing:

ShapeMaster offers decorating services for any plastic or aluminum parts, including silk screening, powder coating (metals) decals and custom art labels, spray painting, labeling, etc.

We also provide assembly and packaging services using a variety of methods for any given project.

Finally, ShapeMaster will warehouse your product, fulfilling and drop shipping blanket orders based on weekly, monthly or scheduled releases, using one of ShapeMaster`s shipping methods (UPS, USPS, or common carrier).