ShapeMaster is NOT limited to plastic materials for our Guarding & Clean Room. Our 80/20 line of t-slotted aluminum extrusions is just another material from which we create custom solutions. T-slotted aluminum is an extremely versatile solution for a variety of manufacturing and mechanical dilemmas. In fact, we use t-slotted aluminum extensively in operation (pictured at left).

Perhaps our most impressive construction project using 80/20 t-slotted aluminum extrusion set was for a lab facility in Rantoul, Illinois, in which we constructed a clean room utilizing 80/20 aluminum extrusions as well as acrylic and polycarbonate plastic sheeting. The project included doors, lift-off hinges, and all hardware for vertical sliding panels and creation of the wall structure.

80/20 T-Slotted Aluminum Services:
– Cutting
– Machining
– Tapping
– Assembly
– Doors
– Kit Packing
– Fabrication
– Sheet Metal
– Plastic Panels
– Automation
– Guards
– Enclosures
– Fixtures
– Wall Panels
– Custom Color

Industries Served:
– Manufacturing (CNC machining, robotics, and packaging lines)
– Material Handling
– Retail (space systems)
– Office Furnishings (panel systems)
– Electronics (dust-free areas)
– Trade Show Displays and Exhibits
– Computer Racking
– Education/Testing Environments
– Publishing (printing lines)

– Clean Rooms
– Linear Motion
– Medical
– Fixtures
– Wall Panels
– Custom Color