A Sooo-Eeeet Ride!

As you may remember from our last newsletter, we were given the challenge to convert a regular box truck into [...]

Still Riding In Style!

A few months ago, we showed off a very special project that would cater to a very special clientele. This [...]

Inspiring Minds!

On October 5, 2018, we celebrated Manufacturing Day.  ShapeMaster opened its doors and offered tours to the public.  It was [...]

Wielding a Welding Torch

  When you are a company named ShapeMaster, you want to make sure you have the tools available so you [...]

The Word Is Out!

It did not take long for ShapeMaster to receive its first welding projects and fuse together a new in-house service! [...]

Riding In Style!

When you hear the term "Conversion Van", it probably generates some preconceived imagery. When I think of one, I can [...]

Money and Portable Toilets

A lot can be learned from a “small” project When you lean into anything in manufacturing there are challenges.  From [...]

A Day In The Life

At ShapeMaster we take pride in our “Midwestern Work Ethic”. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, this means [...]

Welding! Not Just For Metal

  When you hear the word welding, you usually think of metal and hot flying sparks (and do not look at the sparks [...]

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