Box Truck to Animal Transportation: The ShapeMaster Final Product In a previous newsletter, we shared that we were given the challenge to convert a regular box truck into a vehicle to transport animals to [...]

Box Truck to Animal Transportation: The Challenge ShapeMaster was presented with a unique project: convert an old U-Haul box truck into a vehicle that can transport farm animals to and from appointments. This isn’t [...]

Manufacturing Day: Inspiring Minds! On October 5, 2018, we celebrated Manufacturing Day.  ShapeMaster opened its doors and offered tours to the public.  It was our privilege to host a high school class, business professionals, [...]

Sports Car Tail Light Lens Cover Part 1: 3D Model Creation Join us on our four-week journey of taking a sports car lens for which there were no CAD files or prints through reverse [...]

Sports Car Tail Light Lens Cover Part 2: Creation of the Tool In our previous blog post, we started a four-part series discussing the creation of a part from start to finish without any [...]

  Sports Car Tail Light Lens Cover Part 3: Production of Parts Last week we discussed how we took the solid models from our reverse engineering process and crafted tools and fixtures to make [...]

Sports Car Tail Light Lens Cover Part 4: Flame Polishing and Finishing Today we are concluding our Sports Car Lens Series with Part 4.  We will be discussing the final steps of the process [...]

Wielding a Welding Torch When you are a company named ShapeMaster, you want to make sure you have the tools available so you can live up to that name. It is a huge responsibility, [...]

The Word Is Out: ShapeMaster is Now Welding In-House It did not take long for ShapeMaster to receive its first welding projects and fuse together a new in-house service! We received a 50 piece [...]

A Day in the Life At ShapeMaster we take pride in our “Midwestern Work Ethic”. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, this means we are up early, ready to work hard, [...]

Making Parts With Our New DM-1 We are excited about the addition of our high-speed Precision Haas DM-1 CNC Drill/Mill Center. We want to share with you how we recently used this machine to [...]

What is Plastic Thermoforming? Plastic thermoforming includes various processes:  vacuum forming, pressure forming, drape forming, and injection molding to name a few.  Breaking down each process shows us that each has its own [...]

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