As you may know, Rapid Prototyping, also known as 3D Printing, has recently gained a lot of publicity and attention from people around the world.

With technology today, it is simply amazing what can be accomplished. For example, to the left, you can see a white part and a colored part. The colored part was an older part that we needed for a machine that we could no longer order. Thankfully, we were able to use rapid prototyping to replicate the part for our machine (the copy of the part is the white part you see on the left).

Some have called this new process of Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modeling, Plastic Printing, Selective Laser Sintering, or the obvious, Rapid Prototyping.

This process really shines today in the use of aircraft and specialized plastics that have the flame spread rating required by the FAA.

Even duct work is being made for production aircraft that is a one-off run. This eliminates the need for pattern makers, tool builders, expensive tooling in steel or aluminum, and the long lead times to create such things just to make one or a few parts.

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