Since 1990, ShapeMaster has served the material forming needs of hundreds of companies in many different industries. Following are some examples of items we have manufactured, but are not limited to of our operation’s capabilities:

-Universal broadband enclosures

Heating, Cooling and Air Quality
-Plastic skid plates, drain pans, fan intakes, and vent grilles for commercial dehumidifiers
-Plastic adjustable duct dampers
-Plastic vent hoods for commercial refrigeration and freezer applications
-Plastic condensation trays (drip pans)

Medical / Pharmaceutical / Dental
-Plastic molded medical devices (Walk-Aide)
-Plastic molded catheter trays (static dissipative and non-dissipative)
-Rubber molded bladders for breast cancer research devices
-Plastic molded bubbles and spheres for breast cancer research devices
-Plastic casting and machining for plastic surgery research devices
-Plastic gauze and ointment dispensing containers for gynecological surgery applications
-Plastic molded enclosures for blood and cell sorting analyzers

Agricultural Services
-Plastic molded pig mazes for animal science research
-Stainless steel piglet cages for animal science research
-Plastic molded cattle feeders for animal science research
-Plastic molded chicken and turkey pens for animal science research
-Heavy-duty plastic trays/flats for plant storage

Safety and Protective Gear
-Plastic welding helmets

-80/20 t-slotted aluminum
-Plastic molded single, multi-cavity, and custom trays for assembly line work
-Plastic lockers for locker rooms

-Plastic molded fuel systems for Baja race cars (University of Illinois)
-Plastic molded devices for holding automotive bumpers during industrial polishing
-Custom cast rubber encapsulated steel fixtures for manufacturing use
-Water jet cut foam for holding injection molded top caps on steel shipping racks
-Plastic dashboards
-Plastic molded single, multi-cavity, and custom trays for assembly line work
-Plastic cup holders
-Plastic seat backs and bottoms
-Plastic, steel and aluminum aftermarket Suzuki M50 motorcylce parts (chin spoilers and handlebar riser blocks)
-Plastic oil drip catch trays

Sanitation and Waste Management
-Plastic cleaning chemical dispensers
-Plastic porta potty banks
-Plastic tanks and pumps
-Plastic piping and manifolds

Food and Beverage
-Plastic pizza dough thawing trays
-Plastic molded icons for restaurant use
-Plastic or stainless steel tanks

-Plastic light globes and light fixtures
-Plastic speaker casings
-Plastic antenna covers
-Plastic LCD screen enclosures
-Plastic enclosures for GPS tracking and timing devices
-Plastic custom electronic enclosures
-Plastic battery charger trays
-Plastic headphone body hook
-Plastic injection molded hand grips for tracking antennas
-Plastic molded potting boxes

Law Enforcement
-Plastic Pistol grips
-Plastic radar gun covers

-Heat formed, machined and decorated sight glass windows for US Navy submarines
-Precision machined and decorated viewing glasses for US Navy submarines

Advertising Specialties and Signage
-Custom costumes molded for full dress applications
-Miscellaneous plastic molded advertising specialities
-Plastic molded logos, letters, and signs

Sports Training
-Mobile training full body basketball aides and devices

Retail Display
-Plastic masking tape dispenser
-Plastic dispensing stations
-Plastic book racks