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Large Plastic Trays

Large Plastic Trays

ShapeMaster produces vacuum formed condensation containment plastic trays (or drip pans), which are sealed tight and made from chemically resistant plastics. We can also produce drip trays that are light weight, strong, and self-supporting. Plastic trays of any size(even large plastic trays), shape or thickness can be produced, as well as fiberglass reinforcing for strength and heat resistance if required.

Some applications for these trays include underneath refrigerators in dorms, hotels, apartments, offices, and homes. Another common use includes putting them under plants to keep soil and water off of your surface and to maintain a clean environment.

If you cannot find the size or item you are looking for, please contact us and we will custom fabricate any large plastic tray you require.

Part NoProduct NameCavity DepthTop Cavity OpeningDimensions (flange to flange)Gauge (Thickness)MaterialFinishColor
DT-IDrip Tray I118 x 1918-9/16 x 20-1/83/32ABS PlasticTexturedBlack-Colors on Custom Run
DT-IlDrip Tray II1/216 x 3016-3/4 x 30-5/85/64ABS PlasticTexturedBlack-Colors on Custom Run
DT-llIDrip Tray III3/420 x 2618-7/8 x 24-7/81/8ABS PlasticTexturedBlack-Colors on Custom Run
DT-IVDrip Tray IV1/224-1/8 x 3225-1/4 x 33-1/41/8ABS PlasticTexturedBlack-Colors on Custom Run
DT-VDrip Tray V1/425-1/4 X 19-1/825-5/8 X 19-3/81/8ABSTexturedWhite
DT-VIDrip Tray VI119-1/2 X 18-1/220 X 193/32ABS PlasticTexturedBlack
DT-VIIDrip Tray VII1.4015.19 x 6.1916 x 7.100ABS PlasticTextured One SideBlack
DT-IXDrip Tray IX18-1/16 X 5-7/88-1/4 X 61/32ABS PlasticSmoothBlack
LT-ILocker Tray I1-1/810 x 10-3/410-5/8 x 11-1/23/32ABS PlasticTexturedBlack-Colors on Custom Run
LT-IILocker Tray II114-5/8 x 13-5/814-3/4 x 13-3/43/32ABS PlasticTexturedBlack-Colors on Custom Run
LT-IIILocker Tray III1-1/812 x 1412 x 143/32ABS PlasticTexturedBlack-Colors on Custom Run
LT-IVLocker Tray IV115-1/2 x 10-1/415-1/2 x 10-1/43/32ABS PlasticTexturedBlack
LT-VLocker Tray V1-1/216-1/2 x 2016-1/2 x 201/8ABS PlasticTexturedBlack
LT-VILocker Tray VI122-1/4 X 12-1/422-1/2 X 12-1/23/32ABS PlasticTexturedBlack
SM22SM22142-3/8" x 23-3/4"44-13/16" x 25-7/8"3/32ABS PlasticTextured One SideBlack