Designing Piglet Cages for a University Research Project

This past summer, we were presented with the task of creating a piglet enclosure for Peng Ji, an Assistant Professor at the University of California Davis to aid in his piglet nutritional research project. The researchers needed to have accessibility to the piglets and be able to easily view them for assessments. It was also requested that the enclosures have the ability to comfortably house 6 piglets. With this in mind, we were able to create a design that fulfilled all of their requirements and allowed for an efficient start to the study.

For this project, we began by using our CAD software to make any necessary changes. We sourced the aluminum fabricated components from one of our vendors. Next, Our Mastercam CNC programs are used to CNC machine route the clear polycarbonate doors. The drain pans were produced with our vacuum/thermoforming process forming abs plastic over a mold we built in house using our CNC mills. Many CNC machining services were used to create various tooling and fixtures needed to complete the project.

We have successfully completed similar projects with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In working on these projects, we have found that the needs of each higher education institution vary greatly, but our capabilities to fulfill them in an efficient and timely manner. We continue to design new and innovative products for clients and would love the opportunity to work with more universities in future endeavors.