This tray was originally developed to have holes added to one or both ends and drain pipes bonded in and is now available as a drip or condensation tray without holes as shown.

We are molding this from .093” beginning gauge ABS black and other colors and thicknesses are available with minimum order levels.

We can add holes to any of our trays for draining or plugs installed by user or by us. Call our offices and ask about customization of any tray we make.

These trays nest nicely for shipment or storage when not in use.

The dimensions for this tray are 15.5″ X 6.5″ for the bottom inside of the tray. The outside dimensions measure 16″ X 7″ X 1.5″. The tray thickness is .125″.

This tray is available with a textured hair cell finish on the outside of the tray (helps hide fingerprints and scuffs) or nice smooth finish. The trays are smooth on the inside.