The Word Is Out: ShapeMaster is Now Welding In-House

It did not take long for ShapeMaster to receive its first welding projects and fuse together a new in-house service!

We received a 50 piece project involving aluminum parts. It had a couple of challenges. The first challenge was the aluminum. For a weld to be successful when welding aluminum, one must clean the area thoroughly. You also need to clean in a specific order. Clean to remove oils, then clean for oxides using a stainless steel brush. The second challenge was that we had to weld a flat piece of 1/8″ thick material to a 1/2″ diameter tube. That last point could put a damper on any welding project, but we were able to build a fixture to keep the tube in place.

For this project, we used our TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), welder. Just a quick review, the device you hold in one hand is called the torch and the very tip of that torch is made of tungsten. In your other hand, you hold a consumable rod that is used to create the weld. The inert gas, usually argon, is to protect the weld area from water vapor and other impurities that could compromise the weld. Once again, we need to keep the weld area clean. The TIG welder was spot on for this job.

Since this is an in-house capability, we were able to complete this job much quicker than if we had to send this out to an outside vendor. This in-house capability also ensures our high standard of quality for our customers.

We are ready and willing to do your next welding project.