On October 5, 2018, we celebrated Manufacturing Day.  ShapeMaster opened its doors and offered tours to the public.  It was our privilege to host a high school class, business professionals, and the general public.

It’s always a good time to show people what we do here at ShapeMaster. Throughout the tour, we notice people as their faces light up with wonder, and you can see an inspirational spark in their eyes. The individual begins to develop ideas for something they want to make or create and then after the tour they stay for a while asking questions and wanting to know more about the manufacturing process.

One of the main reasons ShapeMaster was founded was to provide individuals, businesses, and universities a place to grow their ideas from concept to realization. We have a large collection of tools coupled with an abundance of knowledge, resources, and experience to make just about any idea come to life.

You now know why we enjoy Manufacturing Day. Here are few of our memories from this day.



Until we meet again,
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