Box Truck to Animal Transportation: The Challenge

ShapeMaster was presented with a unique project: convert an old U-Haul box truck into a vehicle that can transport farm animals to and from appointments. This isn’t an easy job by any means, but ShapeMaster is never one to turn down a challenge.

Because this box truck will be carrying live animals, there are many criteria that we must meet to deliver on this project.

To successfully complete the project we need to follow these criteria: 

  1. Animals must be confined in a safe and humane way to prevent injury while in transport
  2. Provide a way to load animals into the van
  3. Create an easy way for the handlers to lift the animals if needed.
  4. Regulate the temperature for summer conditions. 
  5. Make the interior of the van easy to clean and make it wash down capable. 
  6. Install auxiliary lighting for the handlers. 
  7. Make the van easy to convert back to a standard box van. 

This is quite the challenge, but nothing that we can’t accomplish at ShapeMaster! Stay tuned for the finished product.